Take your pet's grooming experience to the next level

We want your pets to look, smell and feel their best in Shapleigh and Waterboro, ME. That's why we offer a variety of grooming upgrades like:


  • Mudd baths
  • Milk baths
  • Anti itch shampoo
  • Probiodic shampoo
  • Paw and nose butter
  • Temporary hair coloring
  • Nail painting
  • Seasonal facial scents
  • medicated shampoo
  • Paw scrub

Treat your pup or kitty like the star they are when you book one of our grooming upgrades.

Contact us now to schedule your pet's mud bath service in Shapleigh, ME.

We offer two packages-

The "Do it all" package- featuring, shampoo upgrade, Paw and nose butter, paw scrub, Nail painting, facial upgrade, teeth brushing, a treat for home and specialty neckwear.

And our "Happy Feet" package featuring Paw butter, paw scrub, and nail painting .

We are a flea free salon